What's Good on TCM?

Last updated: Sat May 25 2019 11:17:24 GMT+0000 (UTC)

These are the movies coming up this week on Turner Classic Movies that match Kris Johnson's preferences. He likes film noir, horror, sci-fi, and westerns.

This schedule is for the eastern US broadcast feed, and all times are in the US Eastern timezone. Each day's schedule starts at 6:00 AM. Most programs are available on Watch TCM or on-demand from your cable/satellite provider.

For more information, see the script that generates this list.


06:00 AM Desperate Journey

American pilots stranded in Germany during World War II fight their way to freedom. (1942, 108 min.)

08:29 AM Pirates of the Prairie

A cowboy pretends to be a vigilante. (1942, 58 min.)

10:08 AM The Falcon and the Co-Eds

A society sleuth investigates murder at a girls' school. (1944, 68 min.)

01:45 PM King Solomon's Mines

A spirited widow hires a daredevil jungle scout to find a lost treasure in diamonds. (1950, 103 min.)

03:45 PM Inherit the Wind

In the twenties, a schoolteacher creates a national furor when he breaks the law against teaching evolution. (1960, 128 min.)

06:00 PM The Three Musketeers

A country boy joins the famed musketeers and fights to protect the queen's name. (1973, 107 min.)

12:00 AM Dead Reckoning

A tough veteran sets out to solve his war buddy's murder. (1947, 100 min.)

04:00 AM Jim Thorpe--All American

The famous Native American athlete fights prejudice in his pursuit of sports stardom. (1951, 105 min.)


06:00 AM The Barretts of Wimpole Street

An invalid poetess defies her father's wishes to marry a dashing young poet. (1934, 110 min.)

08:00 AM Old Acquaintance

Two writers, friends since childhood, fight over their books and lives. (1943, 110 min.)

10:00 AM Dead Reckoning

A tough veteran sets out to solve his war buddy's murder. (1947, 100 min.)

12:00 PM Flight Command

A cocky cadet tries to prove himself during flight training. (1940, 116 min.)

02:15 PM The Horse's Mouth

An unscrupulous artist fights to realize his vision of the perfect mural. (1958, 95 min.)

06:00 PM Sabrina

Two wealthy brothers fall for the chauffeur's daughter. (1954, 114 min.)

08:00 PM The Pink Panther

In the first Inspector Clouseau film, the bumbling French police detective tries to stop a notorious jewel thief from nabbing a princess' diamond. (1964, 115 min.)

10:15 PM Jewel Robbery

A jewel thief falls for a tycoon's wife in Vienna. (1932, 68 min.)

02:00 AM Pale Flower

(1964, 96 min.)

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Foreign

Cast: Ryo Ikebe, Mariko Kaga, Takashi Fujiki


06:00 AM From Here to Eternity

Enlisted men in Hawaii fight for love and honor on the eve of World War II. (1953, 118 min.)

08:30 AM King Rat

A U.S. officer in a World War II Japanese POW camp tries to raise money to buy his fellow prisoners' freedom. (1965, 135 min.)

10:46 AM Angel Of Mercy

This short film details the life of Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross. (1939, 10 min.)

11:00 AM The Young Lions

A Jewish soldier faces anti-Semitism when he enlists to fight World War II. (1958, 167 min.)

02:00 PM The Red Badge Of Courage

A young Union soldier fights to atone for a moment of cowardice during the Civil War. (1951, 69 min.)

03:15 PM Friendly Persuasion

A peaceful Quaker family's sanctity is tested during the Civil War. (1956, 138 min.)

05:45 PM Glory

A young, white army officer is assigned to lead an all-black unit in the Civil War. (1989, 122 min.)

08:00 PM Men In War

Two enemies join forces to save their men during a retreat from the North Koreans. (1957, 98 min.)

09:45 PM Ode To Victory

This short film utilizes various patriotic songs to present a history of the United States. (1943, 11 min.)

Genres: Historical, Musical, Short, War, Music

Cast: Ray Teal

10:00 PM The Steel Helmet

Americans trapped behind enemy lines fight off Communists during the Korean War. (1951, 84 min.)

11:32 PM Trifles That Win Wars

This short film looks at how a number of inventions made a major contribution to the U.S. war effort. (1943, 11 min.)

Genres: Documentary, Short, War

Cast: Margaret Bert, Ernie Alexander, Edward McWade, Tom Quinn, Roger Moore, Bert Stevens

11:45 PM The Big Parade

In this silent film, a young innocent enlists for World War I service but soon learns the horrors of war. (1925, 151 min.)

02:30 AM The Bridge on the River Kwai

The Japanese Army forces World War II POWs to build a strategic bridge in Burma. (1957, 162 min.)

05:15 AM The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress

(1944, 40 min.)


07:45 AM It's A Big Country

Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life. (1952, 89 min.)

12:00 PM Quartet

W. Somerset Maugham introduces four of his most famous short stories. (1948, 120 min.)

02:02 PM Nostradamus And The Queen

In this short film, an elderly Catherine de Medici reflects back on how the prophecies of Nostradamus accurately predicted her fate. (1953, 11 min.)

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Short

Cast: Forrest Taylor, Maria Palmer, Grandon Rhodes, Mitchell Lewis

05:45 PM O. Henry's Full House

Five stories reveal O. Henry's gift for the surprise ending. (1952, 118 min.)

02:00 AM Victor/Victoria

An unemployed female singer poses as a female impersonator and becomes a star. (1982, 134 min.)


08:00 AM The Old Maid

An unmarried mother gives her illegitimate child to her cousin. (1939, 95 min.)

09:38 AM The Wrong Way Out

In this short film, a young couple run off to marry despite their parents refusal and fall into a life of crime. (1938, 17 min.)

Genres: Drama, Crime, Short

03:00 PM On the Loose

When she's branded as a "bad girl," a troubled teen fights for her parents' approval. (1951, 74 min.)

06:00 PM Rebel Without a Cause

An alienated teenager tries to handle life's troubles and an apron-wearing dad. (1955, 111 min.)

08:00 PM The Verdict

An alcoholic lawyer struggles to redeem himself by pursuing a high-stakes malpractice case. (1982, 129 min.)

10:15 PM The Mackintosh Man

A British agent goes undercover as a jewel thief to nab a Communist spy. (1973, 99 min.)

12:00 AM Slap Shot

A failing hockey team bounces back when they switch to a more violent approach. (1977, 123 min.)

02:15 AM The Drowning Pool

A private eye's investigation of an anonymous letter leads to murder. (1975, 108 min.)

04:45 AM Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson

While staging a Wild West show, Buffalo Bill is caught between a deposed Indian chief and the U.S. President. (1976, 124 min.)

Genres: Comedy, Historical, Western, Adaptation


07:00 AM The Big Sleep

Private eye Philip Marlowe investigates a society girl's involvement in the murder of a pornographer. (1946, 114 min.)

09:00 AM Rio Bravo

A sheriff enlists a drunk, a kid and an old man to help him fight off a ruthless cattle baron. (1959, 141 min.)

11:30 AM Monkey Business

A scientist's search for the fountain of youth makes him and his wife regress to childhood. (1952, 97 min.)

01:30 PM Only Angels Have Wings

A team of flyers risks their lives to deliver the mail in a mountainous South American country. (1939, 121 min.)

03:45 PM To Have and Have Not

A skipper-for-hire's romance with a beautiful drifter is complicated by his growing involvement with the French resistance. (1944, 100 min.)

05:28 PM Joaquin Murrieta

This historical short film follows the life and exploits of killer outlaw Jaoquin Murrieta, in California in the 1850s. (1938, 11 min.)

05:45 PM The Outlaw

Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday fight over possession of a stallion and a sultry Mexican girl. (1943, 116 min.)

07:45 PM Seeing Hands

This short film stresses how important individuals with a disability are to the war effort. (1943, 11 min.)

08:00 PM The Best Years Of Our Lives

Three returning servicemen fight to adjust to life after World War II. (1946, 170 min.)

11:03 PM Of Pups And Puzzles

This short film showcases how the war department utilizes animals to assist with aptitude testing. (1941, 11 min.)

Genres: Documentary, Short, War

Cast: Mark Daniels, Eddie Chandler, William Forrest

11:15 PM Hail The Conquering Hero

A group of veterans help a small-town fraud convince his family he was a war hero. (1944, 101 min.)

03:15 AM Pride of the Marines

A blinded Marine tries to adjust to civilian life. (1945, 120 min.)

05:18 AM Marines In The Making

This war-time promotional short exhibits the U.S. Marine Corps' training. (1942, 9 min.)

Genres: Documentary, Short, War

Cast: Charles Horvath, Stephen McNally


07:15 AM The Most Dangerous Game

A big game hunter decides to stalk human prey. (1932, 63 min.)

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Adaptation, Classic Hollywood

Cast: Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Leslie Banks, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemento, William Davidson, Dutch Hendrian, Hale Hamilton

08:30 AM Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a scientist who unleashes the beast within. (1932, 96 min.)

10:15 AM The Vampire Bat

Villagers suspect the town simpleton of being a vampire. (1933, 63 min.)

11:30 AM Mark of the Vampire

Vampires seem to be connected to an unsolved murder. (1935, 60 min.)

12:45 PM Mad Love

A mad doctor grafts the hands of a murderer on to a concert pianist's wrists. (1935, 68 min.)

02:00 PM The Devil-Doll

A Devil's Island escapee shrinks murderous slaves and sells them to his victims as dolls. (1936, 78 min.)

03:30 PM The Walking Dead

A framed man comes back from the dead to seek revenge. (1936, 65 min.)

04:45 PM The Return of Doctor X

A murderer returns from the grave with a thirst for blood. (1939, 62 min.)

06:00 PM The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A deformed bell ringer rescues a gypsy girl falsely accused of witchcraft and murder. (1939, 117 min.)

Genres: Drama, Period, Adaptation, Classic Hollywood

Cast: Charles Laughton, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell, Maureen O'Hara, Edmond O'Brien, Alan Marshal, Walter Hampden, Harry Davenport, Katharine Alexander, George Zucco, Fritz Leiber, Etienne Girardot, Helene Whitney, Minna Gombell, Arthur Hohl, Curt Bois, George Tobias, Rod La Rocque, Spencer Charters, Kathryn Adams, ... Diane Hunter, Siegfried Arno, Peter Godfrey, John Fowler, Hector Sarno, Joe Mack, Harry Vejar, Dewey Robinson, Ferdinand Munier, Gretl Sherk, Edward Groag, Vallejo Gantner, Thom Fox, Louis Adlon, Charles Hall, Robert Schiller, Otto Hoffman, Lionel Belmore, Rudolph Steinbeck, Ray Long, Arthur Dulac, Tempe Pigott, Dick Dickinson, Alan Spear, Ward Shattuck, Earl Clyde, Harold DeGarro, Louis Valaris, Antonio Pina, Consuela Melandez, Eddie Abdul, Vangie Beilby, Elsie Prescott, Gisela Werbiseck, Al Herman, Angela Molinos, Victor Kilian, Arthur Millett, Raymond Hatton, Russ Powell, James Fawcett, Barlowe Borland, Paul Newlan, Margaret McWade, Margaret Seddon, Lillian Nicholson, Ione Reed, Marie Bodie, Archie Butler, Jack Perrin, George De Normand, Eddie Dew, Charles Drake, Harry Fleischman, Fred Mellinger, Louis Jean Heydt, Gail Patrick, Laura Hope Crews, Rube Schaffer, Peter Godfrey, Victor Metzetti, Billy Jones, Frank Mills, Walter O. Stahl, Cecil Weston, John Laird, Richard Clayton, Lew King, Bud Fine, Nestor Paiva, Ted Lorch, Harry Weil, Alexander Granach, George Souzanne, Gene Clark, John Lawrence, George Barrows, Mary Lou Wentz, Laurie Hale, Louis Williams, Eleanor Pellapreau

08:00 PM Close Encounters of the Third Kind

A blue-collar worker's encounter with a UFO leaves him a changed man. (1977, 135 min.)

02:30 AM Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

Three bandits attempt to evade the police in this high speed chase flick. (1974, 93 min.)

Genres: Action, Crime