What's Good on TCM?

Last updated: Tue Aug 20 2019 11:09:15 GMT+0000 (UTC)

These are the movies coming up this week on Turner Classic Movies that match Kris Johnson's preferences. He likes film noir, horror, sci-fi, and westerns.

This schedule is for the eastern US broadcast feed, and all times are in the US Eastern timezone. Each day's schedule starts at 6:00 AM. Most programs are available on Watch TCM or on-demand from your cable/satellite provider.

For more information, see the script that generates this list.


06:00 AM Trial

A Mexican boy accused of rape and murder becomes a pawn for Communists and red-baiters. (1955, 109 min.)

01:37 PM Trial By Trigger

A logger must save his stand of redwoods from being bought by an unscrupulous logging company owner in this short film. Vitaphone Release 1234A. (1944, 21 min.)

02:00 PM Gentleman's Agreement

A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism. (1947, 118 min.)

10:15 PM A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A girl in the slums tries to find her way with the help of her devoted mother and alcoholic father. (1945, 129 min.)

12:30 AM Friendly Persuasion

A peaceful Quaker family's sanctity is tested during the Civil War. (1956, 138 min.)

04:30 AM Callaway Went Thataway

A real cowboy signs on to impersonate a faded western star for public appearances. (1951, 82 min.)


06:00 AM The Most Dangerous Game

A big game hunter decides to stalk human prey. (1932, 63 min.)

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Adaptation, Classic Hollywood

Cast: Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Leslie Banks, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemento, William Davidson, Dutch Hendrian, Hale Hamilton

08:45 AM Gambling Lady

Two gamblers fall in love but one is already married to a possible murderer. (1934, 66 min.)

11:30 AM Dead End

A killer returns to his childhood home to plot his escape from the law. (1937, 92 min.)

03:00 PM Wichita

Wyatt Earp fights to straighten out a crooked cow town. (1955, 81 min.)

04:30 PM Colorado Territory

An outlaw just released from prison is sucked back into a life of crime in this remake of High Sierra. (1949, 94 min.)

06:10 PM Wagon Wheels West

In this short film, a U.S. marshal seeks vengeance against the man who killed his father. Vitaphone Release 1147A. (1943, 17 min.)

06:30 PM The Palm Beach Story

To finance her husband's career, a married woman courts an eccentric millionaire. (1942, 88 min.)

08:00 PM Sullivan's Travels

A filmmaker masquerades as a hobo to get in touch with the little people. (1942, 91 min.)

09:45 PM The More the Merrier

The World War II housing shortage brings three people together for an unlikely romance. (1943, 104 min.)

11:45 PM Union Pacific

A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad. (1939, 135 min.)

Genres: Thriller, Western

Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Akim Tamiroff, Robert Preston, Lynne Overman, Brian Donlevy, Anthony Quinn, Stanley Ridges, Henry Kolker, Francis MacDonald, Willard Robertson, Harold Goodwin, Evelyn Keyes, Richard Lane, William Haade, Regis Toomey, Syd Saylor, J. M. Kerrigan, Fuzzy Knight, Harry Woods, ... Lon Chaney Jr., Joseph Crehan, Julia Faye, Shelia Darcy, Hugh MacDonald, Noble Johnson, Sonny Chorre, Iron Eyes Cody, James P. Spencer, Tony Urchel, Chief Thundercloud, Greg Whitespear, Mala, Joseph Sawyer, May Beatty, Ruth Warren, Mike Driscoll, Richard Robles, Bobbie La Salle, Evelyn Luckey, Calla Waltz, William Pawley, Robert Barrat, Earl Askam, John Marston, Byron Foulger, Selmer Jackson, Morgan Wallace, Russell Hicks, Ernie Adams, William J. Worthington, Guy Usher, Gus Glassmire, Stanley Andrews, Paul Everton, Jack Pennick, Margaret Roach, Beth Hartman, Si Jenks, Horace Murphy, Albert Taylor, David Clyde, Tim Mahoney, John Power, George Guhl, Pat Hartigan, Dave Thursby, Walter Long, James Flavin, Emory Parnell, Patrick Moriarity, Ed LeSaint, Ed Schaefer, Jim Farley, Frank Mills, E. A. Laidlaw, Ed Brady, Michael Slade, Robert Stevenson, T. C. Jacks, Dick Rush, Douglas Gordon, Cy Ring, Mark Strong, Hal Craig, Nestor Paiva, Paul Everton, Guy Usher, Wylie Grant, Albert Petit, Jack Richardson, J. C. Fowler, Alexander Leftwich, Mitchell Ingraham, Frances Rather, George Anderson, Joe Gilbert, Lane Chandler, Francis Sayles, Stanhope Wheatcroft, Genevieve Bell, Viola Louie, Ida May, Inez Seabury, Doreen Pastor, Jack Murphy, Jim Pierce, Dick Alexander, Frank Yaconelli, Oscar G. Hendrian, Max Davidson, Ken Gibson, Victor De Linsky, Chuck Hamilton, Louis Natheaux, Elmo Lincoln, Allen Connor, Wilbur Mack, Jack Clifford, Frank Shannon Old man, Willard Robertson, Captain E. H. Calvert, George Regas, Monte Blue, Charles Stevens, Dick Botiller, Frank Lackteen, Edward Peil Sr., Lou Short, John Merton, Tom Burke, Sam McDaniel, George Magrill, Jack Chapin, Buddy Roosevelt, Duke York, Sam Ash, Marty Faust, Charles McAvoy, Gus Glassmire, James McNamara, Alphonse De Cruz, Leon Holmes, Russ Powell, James Kelso, Dick Gordon, Peter Du Rey, David Newell, Eddie Featherstone, Richard Denning, Mary McLaren, Jane Keckley, Steve Carruthers, John Harmon, Archie Twitchell, Adrian Morris, Jack Kennedy, Sid D'Albrook, Edwin Stanley, Edward Keane, J. W. Johnston, John G. Fee, John M. Sullivan, Nora Cecil

02:15 AM Ride the High Country

Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town. (1962, 94 min.)

04:15 AM Stars in My Crown

A parson uses six-guns and the Bible to bring peace to a Tennessee town. (1950, 89 min.)


07:30 AM The Bishop Murder Case

Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a series of murders inspired by Mother Goose rhymes. (1930, 87 min.)

10:45 AM Sins of the Children

A young man fights to overcome his criminal past. (1930, 86 min.)

01:45 PM Gentleman's Fate

A bootlegger falls apart when his wife leaves him. (1931, 93 min.)

08:00 PM Freaks

A lady trapeze artist violates the code of the side show when she plots to murder her midget husband. (1932, 62 min.)

09:15 PM The Thirteenth Chair

A phony medium tries to prove her protege innocent of murder. (1929, 73 min.)

10:45 PM Way Out West

When a carnival barker gets caught conning the local cowboys, he's forced to work off his sentence on the open range. (1930, 70 min.)

12:15 AM The Big House

An attempted prison break leads to a riot. (1930, 87 min.)

02:00 AM Island of Lost Souls

On a remote island, a mad scientist turns wild animals into human monsters. (1932, 70 min.)

03:30 AM The Phantom of Paris

A magician is charged with killing his fiancee's father. (1931, 74 min.)

04:45 AM Yellow Dust

After he's accused of a series of stagecoach robberies, an innocent man has to find the real crooks. (1936, 69 min.)


06:00 AM A Damsel In Distress

An American dancer on vacation in England falls for a sheltered noblewoman. (1937, 101 min.)

10:00 AM You Were Never Lovelier

An Argentine heiress thinks a penniless American dancer is her secret admirer. (1942, 97 min.)

06:00 PM The Band Wagon

A Broadway artiste turns a faded film star's comeback vehicle into an artsy flop. (1953, 112 min.)

Genres: Comedy, Musical, Adaptation, Classic Hollywood

Cast: Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant, Nanette Fabray, Jack Buchanan, James Mitchell, Robert Gist, Thurston Hall, Ava Gardner, Leroy Daniels, Jack Tesler, Dee Turnell, Elynne Ray, Peggy Murray, Judy Landon, Jimmie Thompson, Bert May, John Lupton, Owen McGiveney, Ann McCrea, ... Robert R. Stebbins, Ted Jordan, Lyle Clark, Dee Hartford, Eden Hartford, Julie Newmeyer, Shirley Lopez, Lysa Baugher, Douglas Fowley, Madge Blake, Robert Burton, Don Beddoe, Sam Hearn, Herb Vigran, Emory Parnell, Ernest Anderson, Donald Kerr, Frank Scannell, Stu Wilson, Roy Engel, Dick Sands, Ben Mozelle, Mario Lamm, Eddie Simms, Glen Walters, Wilson Wood, Al Hill, Michael Economides, George Economides, Curtis Jackson, Gwenn Fields, Julie Hedin, George Sherwood, Stuart Holmes, Harry Stanton, Marion Gray, Estelle Eterre, Lillian Culver, Bess Flowers, Jack Gargan, Joe A. Brockman, Betty Farrington, Jack Stoney, Al Ferguson, Dick Alexander, Charles Regan, Henry Corden, Wymer Gard, Fred Datig Jr., Helen Dickson, Dulce Daye, Paul Power, Smoki Whitfield, Manuel Paris, Lotte Stein, Bobby Watson, Matt Mattox, Bill Foster, Pinkie Corrigan, Shelah Hackett, Marilyn Radcliff, Cecile Rogers, Barbara Bailey, Patsy Bangs, Mary Hammond, Helen McAllister, Joet Robinson, Nolie Miller, Crystal White, Joan Collenette, Marc Wilder, Jack Dodds, Richard D'Arcy, Herman Boden, Dorinda Clifton, Roberta Stevenson, Jack Colton, Jack Regas, Frank Radcliff, Ralph Beaumont, William Lundy, Mary Menzies, Loulie Jean Norman, Gloria Wood, Judy Matson, Barbara Ruick, Steve Forrest, Sue Casey, Oliver Cross, Alan Marston, Lawrence Montaigne, Norman Stevens, Robert Spencer, Earl Spainard, Phil Rhodes, Harlan Hoogland, Hal Taggart

08:00 PM Top Hat

A woman thinks the man who loves her is her best friend's husband. (1935, 100 min.)

10:00 PM Swing Time

To prove himself worthy of his fiancee, a dancer tries to make it big, only to fall for his dancing partner. (1936, 104 min.)

02:00 AM Follow the Fleet

Two sailors on leave romance a dance-hall hostess and her prim sister. (1936, 110 min.)


06:00 AM The Sheepman

A tough sheep farmer battles the local cattle baron for land and a beautiful woman. (1958, 86 min.)

09:30 AM Woman Times Seven

(1967, 101 min.)

01:30 PM The Trouble with Harry

A corpse creates a world of trouble for several passersby who each believe they may have caused the death. (1955, 99 min.)

03:30 PM Some Came Running

A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals. (1958, 136 min.)

06:00 PM Gambit

A man dreams of the perfect robbery but can't seem to pull it off. (1967, 108 min.)

12:45 AM Sweet Charity

A taxi dancer's faith in love leads her to one bad match after another. (1969, 148 min.)

03:30 AM The Yellow Rolls-Royce

A classic car changes the lives of three sets of owners. (1964, 123 min.)


06:00 AM The Tiger Makes Out

A would be revolutionary gets more than he bargained for when he kidnaps a hyper house wife. (1967, 95 min.)

02:45 PM Papillon

Two Devil's Island prisoners devote all of their time to hatching escape plans. (1973, 151 min.)

10:00 PM Marathon Man

A covert government group uncovers a criminal plot run by Nazi War criminals. (1976, 125 min.)

02:15 AM Straight Time

An ex-con struggles to go straight despite his malevolent parole officer. (1978, 114 min.)

04:15 AM Agatha

A fictional account of the real life, eleven day, never explained 1926 disappearance of famed murder mystery writer Agatha Christie. (1979, 98 min.)


08:15 AM The Runaway Bride

A criminal gang goes after the jewels their dying leader stashed in a woman's handbag. (1930, 66 min.)

03:30 PM The Little Giant

When Prohibition ends, a bootlegger tries to break into high society. (1933, 76 min.)

05:00 PM The Case of the Howling Dog

Perry Mason gets caught between feuding neighbors who claim to be married to the same woman. (1934, 74 min.)

08:00 PM The Maltese Falcon

Hard-boiled detective Sam Spade gets caught up in the murderous search for a priceless statue. (1941, 100 min.)

10:00 PM Dodsworth

A husband whose wife left him looks for new love in Europe. (1936, 101 min.)

12:00 AM The Great Lie

Believing her husband to be dead, a flyer's wife bargains with his former love to adopt the woman's baby. (1941, 108 min.)

04:15 AM A Kiss Before Dying

A college student tries to get rich quick by wooing two wealthy sisters. (1956, 95 min.)