What's Good on TCM?

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These are the movies coming up this week on Turner Classic Movies that match Kris Johnson's preferences. He likes film noir, horror, sci-fi, and westerns.

This schedule is for the eastern US broadcast feed, and all times are in the US Eastern timezone. Each day's schedule starts at 6:00 AM. Most programs are available on Watch TCM or on-demand from your cable/satellite provider.

For more information, see the script that generates this list.


06:00 AM Wagon Train

Settlers and traders en route to the West fight off Indian attacks. (1940, 59 min.)

07:15 AM Murder in the Private Car

A speeding train becomes the setting for murder. (1934, 63 min.)

08:30 AM The Tall Target

A detective tries to prevent the assassination of President Lincoln during a train ride. (1951, 78 min.)

10:00 AM The Narrow Margin

A tough cop meets his match when he has to guard a gangster's moll on a tense train ride. (1952, 72 min.)

11:30 AM The Great Train Robbery

In this silent short, bandits rob the passengers on a train in this pioneering western. (1903, 11 min.)

Genres: Action, Crime, Short, Western, Silent

Cast: Broncho Billy Anderson, Marie Murray, George Barnes, Frank Hanaway, A. C. Abadie

11:45 AM The General

In this silent film, a Confederate engineer fights to save his train and his girlfriend from the Union army. (1927, 75 min.)

01:15 PM Danger Lights

A family railroad is threatened when the owner's girl falls for a conductor. (1931, 74 min.)

02:45 PM La Bete Humaine

A railroad engineer enters an affair with his friend's amoral wife. (1938, 101 min.)

04:30 PM Strangers on a Train

A man's joking suggestion that he and a chance acquaintance trade murders turns deadly. (1951, 101 min.)

06:30 PM Murder She Said

When nobody will believe she witnessed a murder, elderly sleuth Miss Marple takes a job as a maid to ferret out clues. (1961, 86 min.)

08:00 PM The Dark Tower

A romantic triangle involving a hypnotist and two trapeze artists threatens to destroy a circus. (1943, 93 min.)

Genres: Crime

Cast: Herbert Lom

09:45 PM The Phantom of the Opera

Retelling of the story of a new opera disrupted by the actions of a deformed specter of the show's past who has an obsession with a chorus girl. (1962, 84 min.)

11:30 PM The Man who Watched Trains Go By

A business owner and his clerk go head to head over the company funds. (1952, 80 min.)

01:15 AM The Ladykillers

An eccentric bandit gang moves into a little old lady's boardinghouse to plot a major heist. (1956, 91 min.)

04:45 AM A Shot in the Dark

Inspector Clouseau tries to clear a beautiful woman accused of shooting her husband. (1964, 102 min.)


06:45 AM From The Earth To The Moon

Lifelong rivals collaborate on a 19th-century moon rocket. (1958, 100 min.)

08:30 AM World Without End

Astronauts returning from a voyage are caught in a time warp and are propelled into a post-Apocalyptic Earth populated by mutants. (1955, 80 min.)

10:00 AM The Cosmic Monster

A scientist's experiments open the doorway to a strange and deadly world. (1958, 72 min.)

11:15 AM The Green Slime

A mysterious fungus invades a space station and turns the inhabitants into monsters. (1969, 90 min.)

01:00 PM Five Million Years To Earth

Subway excavations unearth a deadly force from beyond space and time. (1968, 98 min.)

02:45 PM Forbidden Planet

A group of space troopers investigates the destruction of a colony on a remote planet. (1956, 98 min.)

04:30 PM Queen of Outer Space

A space mission to Venus discovers a society of Amazons. (1958, 80 min.)

06:00 PM 2010

In this sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a U.S.-Soviet crew investigates a mysterious monolith orbiting Jupiter. (1984, 116 min.)

10:00 PM A Farewell to Arms

The story of an affair between an English nurse and an American soldier on the Italian front during World War I. (1957, 152 min.)

12:45 AM Tender Is the Night

A psychiatrist marries a wealthy patient and succumbs to the lure of easy living. (1962, 147 min.)


07:45 AM Larceny, Inc.

An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way. (1942, 95 min.)

01:00 PM A Kiss in the Dark

A concert pianist inherits an apartment house full of loony tenants. (1949, 88 min.)

02:45 PM Stop, You're Killing Me

The surprise appearance of four corpses interferes with a beer baron's plans to crash high society. (1952, 86 min.)

04:30 PM Lone Star

A frontiersman helps out with Texas's fight for independence from Mexico. (1952, 95 min.)

06:15 PM The Fastest Gun Alive

A reformed gunslinger's past keeps catching up with him. (1956, 89 min.)

09:45 PM Sealed Cargo

A fisherman tangles with Nazi smugglers off the Canadian coast. (1951, 89 min.)

11:30 PM McQ

A police lieutenant tackles corruption when his best friend is killed. (1974, 111 min.)

01:30 AM Doctor Zhivago

Illicit lovers fight to stay together during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution. (1965, 200 min.)


07:15 AM Seven Angry Men

A fanatical abolitionist leads a personal war against slave owners in Kansas. (1955, 92 min.)

09:00 AM Star Witness

An old man who witnessed a crime is threatened by gangsters. (1931, 68 min.)

10:15 AM Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

A novelist frames himself for murder to prove the fallibility of circumstantial evidence. (1956, 80 min.)

11:45 AM Trial

A Mexican boy accused of rape and murder becomes a pawn for Communists and red-baiters. (1955, 109 min.)

01:45 PM Inherit the Wind

In the twenties, a schoolteacher creates a national furor when he breaks the law against teaching evolution. (1960, 128 min.)

04:00 PM Twilight of Honor

A struggling lawyer takes on a controversial murder case that could make or break him. (1963, 104 min.)

06:00 PM Witness for the Prosecution

A British lawyer gets caught up in a couple's tangled marital affairs when he defends the husband for murder. (1957, 116 min.)

02:00 AM The Big Cube

LSD almost ruins the life of a former actress and her stepdaughter. (1969, 98 min.)

03:45 AM More

(1969, 116 min.)


06:45 AM A Lost Lady

A bitter woman who thinks she'll never love again marries, only to fall for a brash young man. (1934, 61 min.)

08:00 AM Cry Wolf

A woman uncovers deadly secrets when she visits her late husband's family. (1947, 84 min.)

09:30 AM The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers

Years after a murder drove them apart, an heiress tries to win back her lost love. (1946, 115 min.)

11:45 AM The Pitfall

A married insurance man falls for a criminal's girlfriend. (1948, 86 min.)

03:00 PM Too Late for Tears

A married woman's discovery of stolen money changes her character for the worse. (1949, 101 min.)

06:15 PM The Racket

A tough cop has to fight his superiors in order to battle the mob. (1951, 89 min.)

08:00 PM A Star Is Born

A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom. (1937, 111 min.)

10:00 PM A Star Is Born

A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top. (1954, 176 min.)

Genres: Drama, Musical, Remake

Cast: Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson, Charles Bickford, Tom Noonan, Lucy Marlow, Amanda Blake, Irving Bacon, Hazel Shermet, Jerry DeCoe, Wayne Taylor, Melvin Pogue, Janet Stewart, Sylvia Arslan, Colette McMahon, George Fisher, Joan Shawlee, Jim Hyland, Sam Colt, Jay Johnson, ... James Brown, Tom Kingston, George Kitchell, Robert Dumas, Duff Whitney, Dale Van Sickel, Robert Dumas, Jean Woodley, Don Richards, Louis Mason, Frank Puglia, Michael Hathaway, Havis Davenport, Elmera Smith, Jack Pepper, Dub Taylor, Louis Jean Heydt, Leonard Penn, Tristram Coffin, Charles Conrad, George Becwar, John Carlyle, Robert Haines, Willis Bouchey, Eddie Dew, Mike Kostrick, Bob Jellison, Al Ebens, Don Shelton, Robert Stevenson, Chick Chandler, Kathryn Card, Nancy Kulp, Mary Young, Alan DeWitt, Rudy Anders, Joe Dougherty, Mort Mills, Ross Carmichael, Pat Miller, Al Hill, Frank Marlowe, Charles Morton, Gordon Finn, Lotis Robb, Blythe Daly, Charles Halton, Joseph Mell, Olin Howlin, Harry Seymour, Grandon Rhodes, Don Dillaway, Don Beddoe, Ted Thorpe, David Armstrong, Bob Hoy, Larry Rio, Al Thompson, Oscar Blank, Emerson Treacy, Ruth Bradee, Shirley Whitney, Jean Engstrom, Almeda Fowler, Mae Marsh, Arlene Karr, Paul Levitt, Rodney Bell, Richard Bauman, Marshall Bradford, Eric Wilton, John Monaghan, Riza Royce, Louis Tomei, Carey Loftin, Strother Martin, Grady Sutton, Rex Evans, Wilton Graff, Richard Webb, Steve Wyman, Tom Cound, Kay Ridhl, Henry Kulky, Charles Watts, Paul Bryar, Pat O'Malley, Gertrude Astor, Valerie Vernon, Pat Sexton, Jack Ellis, Frank Ferguson, Timothy Farrell, Percy Helton, Michael Hall, Arthur Space, Nacho Galindo, Benny Burt, Ralph Volkie, Robert Strong, Walter Rode, Josephine Whittell, Sheila Bromley, Elizabeth Flournoy, Ruth Warren, Cele Kirk, Eileene Stevens, Helen Eby Rock, Hilda Plowright, Ezelle Poule, Harte Wayne, Frank Kreig, Paul Brinegar, Dick Simmons, Joe Greene, Joe Hamilton, Phil Arnold, Jack Baker, Ila McAvoy, Nadene Ashdown, Heidi Meadows, Jack Kenney, Dick Ryan, Tom Blakiston, Marjorie Woodworth, Geraldine Wall


10:30 AM The Mystery Of The Wax Museum

A disfigured sculptor turns murder victims into wax statues. (1933, 77 min.)

03:00 PM David and Bathsheba

King David's lust for a married woman has disastrous consequences for Israel. (1951, 116 min.)

05:15 PM Tora! Tora! Tora!

The Japanese take advantage of American blunders to launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. (1970, 149 min.)

08:00 PM The Bad and the Beautiful

An unscrupulous movie producer uses everyone around him in his climb to the top. (1952, 118 min.)

10:15 PM Born to be Bad

An ambitious girl steals a rich husband but keeps her lover on the side. (1950, 90 min.)

02:00 AM Eraserhead

A cog in the industrial machine tries to cope with his unhappy wife and mutant baby. (1977, 89 min.)

04:00 AM The Grandmother

A boy plants a seed that grows into a grandmother in this experimental short film. (1970, 34 min.)

Genres: Horror, Short, Experimental

Cast: Richard White, Dorothy McGinnis, Virginia Maitland, David Lynch, Robert Chadwick


10:00 AM Possessed

A married woman's passion for a former love drives her mad. (1947, 108 min.)

12:00 PM The Little Foxes

An ambitious woman takes on her corrupt brothers and honest husband in her drive for wealth. (1941, 116 min.)

02:15 PM Blossoms in the Dust

True-life story of Edna Gladney, who fought for orphans' rights in Texas. (1941, 100 min.)

Genres: Drama, Biography

Cast: Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Felix Bressart, Marsha Hunt, Fay Holden, Samuel S. Hinds, Kathleen Howard, George Lessey, William Henry, Henry O'Neill, John Eldredge, Clinton Rosemond, Theresa Harris, Charlie Arnt, Cecil Cunningham, Ann Morriss, Richard Nichols, Pat Barker, Marc Lawrence, Oscar O'Shea, ... Clarence Kolb, Edith Evanson, Harry Allen, David Clyde, Hope Landin, Jimmy Spencer, Anne O'Neal, Nora Perry, Ann Morrison, Lotte Palfi, Dick Rush, Buddy Williams, Edward Keane, Henry Roquemore, Ferris Taylor, Georgia Caine, Claire DuBrey, Ottola Nesmith, Joan Barclay, Paul Barrett, Estelle Etterre, Oliver Cross, Cynthia Westlake, Paul Power, Sheila Darcy, Florine McKinney, Dora Clemant, Winifred Nimo, William Dudley, Bryant Washburn Sr., Anne Wigton, George Harris, Frank Darien, John Dilson, Mary MacLaren, Sam Ash, Art Belasco, Emmett Smith, Almira Sessions, Ernie Alexander, Sidney D'Albrook, Roger Moore, Edward Fielding, Lester Dorr, Emmett Vogan, Kay Linaker, Gertrude Simpson, Kathryn Sheldon, Carroll Nye, Joseph Crehan, Guy Usher, Edwin Maxwell, William Worthington, Davison Clark, Janet Shaw, Tristram Coffin, Jane Drummond, Emory Parnell, Howard Hickman, Paul Everton, Purnell Pratt, Selmer Jackson, William Wright, Harry Hayden, Edward McWade, Harry Worth, Roy Gordon, Douglas Wood, Byron Shores, Cy Kendall, Fay Helm, Cliff Danielson, John Ince, Ed Peil Sr., Edward Hearn, Mike Pat Donovan, Art Berry Sr., Ralph McCullough, Grace Stafford, Jessie Arnold, Willa Pearl Curtis, Margaret Bert, Milton Kibbee, Elliott Sullivan, Jasper Weldon, Harrison Greene, Dell Henderson, Emanuel Turner, Ethel Wales, Nadine Connor, Irene Crane, Carol Coombs, Henry Blair, Sandra Lee Richards, Mary Taylor, Sally Ann Brown, Charles Sargent, Frank Faylen, Howard Mitchell, Marga Ann Deighton, Georgie Cooper, Mrs. Gardner Crane

04:00 PM Andy Hardy Comes Home

In a sequel to the popular film series, Andy Hardy returns to Carvel to negotiate a land deal. (1958, 80 min.)

08:00 PM Dracula

The legendary bloodsucker stakes his claim on a British estate in search of new blood. (1931, 74 min.)

09:30 PM Dracula's Daughter

A Hungarian countess seeks the aid of a noted psychiatrist, in hopes of freeing herself of a mysterious evil influence. (1936, 71 min.)

11:00 PM Son of Dracula

Set in the south this film follows the mysterious relationship of Count Alucard his new wife. (1943, 80 min.)

12:30 AM Nosferatu

In this silent film, a beautiful woman risks her life to end a vampire's plague of death and pestilence. (1922, 95 min.)

Genres: Horror, Foreign, Silent

Cast: Alexander Granach, Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder

02:15 AM Le Cercle Rouge

After leaving prison, a master thief and two other criminals plan to perform an elaborate heist. (1970, 141 min.)